Tiny Hand Crafted Vardo

Tiny Hand Crafted Vardo

If you are trying to find a suitable and convenient place to stay while you’re at Seattle, you may want to consider a rather unique accommodation called the Vardo. If you are no more than 2 adults and 2 children this may be just the rental space for you. Tiny houses have been on the top list for families wanting to rent in terms of simplicity and affordability and even for the experience of tiny house living. However, small does not automatically equate to “having” less. Within these four walls you will also find convenience at a reasonable $45 a night.With its simple and neat design, this Vardo has a bathroom and a shower, beds made from high density foam, and other amenities like wireless internet, free parking and family friendly. This cozy house is made from cedar, douglas fir and birch.

It also has its door and windows made from stained glass. Just outside the room is a soothing environment! Dogs will definitely greet you with over-enthusiasm, but they’ll get friendly as they know you. People who made stopovers at this adorable house testified they had a great stay.

You can be certain your bedding gets are washed well and the room cleaned fresh before your arrival. You can even use other facilities outside the house as well. This house may look really small, as it is indeed small, but you'll be surprised how well this little home can serve you immensely for the duration of your stay. This house can accommodate up to 4 people, 2 adults and 2 children. You can reach the house with only a ten-minute bus ride from down town Seattle. It lies between Magnolia and Queen Anne. Whether you're out for a vacation or short visit, avoid that pressure on yourself and give this snug of a home a shot.

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