Tiny cabin in Chester, New York, USA

Tiny cabin in Chester, New York, USA

Tiny homes and cabins are quickly becoming a new way of life for many people in North America. Check out this precious Tiny cabin in Chester, New York, USA! People are taking their power into their own hands and instead of striving, they are downsizing and then thriving in their new found tiny home bliss! The tiny house movement is about empowerment and going back to what really matters to you. What you really want to do with your life, your focus and your priorities. When we are caught up in the rat race, it can be easy to be pressured into living a life of materialism like everyone else. But people are waking up and realizing that they can do whatever their hearts desire!

This is such an adorable tiny home, with a sweet looking couple standing in front of it. They look so happy and relaxed, and fulfilled. The link on Cabin Porn doesn't give us much information about the couple, but we can always guess. They probably quit their jobs and decided to pursue their dream jobs, like many people who choose to downsize and build a tiny home. Maybe they are artists, or writers, maybe musicians. What do you think? They live there with their two little dogs so there is plenty of space for them all!

How beautiful to live in a cabin in the forest, surrounded by trees and the life of the woods. The critters that live in the forest, making the music of Mother Nature, and you would just be the happy listener. This particular cabin looks to be around 150 or 200 square feet. They have a nice loft over the entrance way and a good little porch at the front. The windows are quite nice and large, allowing for optimum light to enter.

Cabin Porn is basically what it sounds like, a website filled with photos of awesome cabins that people love to look at. Perhaps dreaming up their own move to a tiny house or cabin. People can submit entries if they wish of their own cabin or tiny home and have it featured up on the website for all to enjoy! It is a great way to connect with like minded people who either live in cabins or want to live in a cabin some day! There are lots of cool photos too browse through and be inspired! For this cabin and more, head over to 'Cabin Porn' by fowling the link in the Read More section below!

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