Tiny A-Frame Cabin

Tiny A-Frame Cabin

There are just some photos that make you want to dive into the picture and just be there! This Tiny A-frame Cabin is one of those welcoming scenes that pulls you in, the cabin amongst all the trees, it just feels so cozy and delightful. This is a fairly basic A-frame wood cabin, but there is something about the ambiance in the first picture that makes you feel like you just want it to be yours. The steps up to the deck are so inviting, and the deck itself is beautiful and high up off the ground. Maybe this is so that the hot tub could fit in to be a sunken hot tub on the deck. A great place to relax and unwind after a long day of fishing or hiking.

There is also a bon fire pit where you could enjoy some late night fires, making s'mores and singing campfire songs with the kids. This is the kind of thing people look forward to all year long, a summer filled with memories like this. The photos on the website show that it has a nicely laid out kitchen and an eating nook at the front where the highest peak of the A-frame is. There are lots of windows in the eating nook for ultimate light to come in and brighten the space.

The A-frame is a typical cabin that has been being build for years now, it peaked in popularity after World War 2 and became even more popular from the 50s to the 70s. They became an affordable way for people to have a vacation home, when more people began to start having more disposable income and wanted to have a separate home to vacation to. They also were a great way for architects to experiment a bit more with different building styles, and they were a pretty affordable way to do so. They would just use the A-frame concept and work from that in their designs and people loved the creative expression of it all.

These days, the homes can be very creatively interesting. The A-frame was a start to opening people up to more interesting ideas for home building. It is still such a well known way to build cabins, because of how cheaply it can be constructed and the longevity they provide for a structure. Head on over to 'Tiny House Websites' for more on this awesome A-frame cabin by following the link in the description below!

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