Though Small in Size, This House Is Big on Charm!

Though Small in Size, This House Is Big on Charm!

A romantic little Gypsy Caravan a world away on the island of New Zealand awaits your arrival. This beautiful tiny house caravan could be all yours to enjoy for a weekend, a week or maybe even a month or a few depending on what you are looking for. This inspiring tiny house unit is one of the several tiny houses that you can stay in for a vacation in the relaxing surroundings of nature. The nature retreat is located in KeriKeri, in Northland New Zealand, just off of the coast of KeriKeri Inlet. The Northern part of New Zealand is a little bit of a more remote location when it comes to visiting the island. With less commercial centres and a more grounded and earthy feel to it, this would be the perfect place to recharge your batteries.

The very artsy two acres of property is set up with various "glamping" caravans, cabins, tree house and boat cabins, that people can stay in to experience a more simplistic way of being. Two of the caravans even have clawfoot, cast iron bath tubs that are placed outside, that one can enjoy a bath under the stars in. Complementary lavender bath salts are provided as well, so you can relax and let go of all the stress you may have. That would be complete bliss, to enjoy a lavender salt bath under the stars, at least for me it would be! There is also access to the inlet, where you can enjoy the water and swim or kayak, or use one of their jet skis.

The exterior of the gypsy caravan looks very bright and uplifting, welcoming you in. The green paint colour with the red trim complements the natural tropical surroundings and fits in very nicely with all of the foliage. A couple of camping chairs and an awning are the perfect place to sit and relax to enjoy the gorgeous atmosphere. When you step inside this magical gypsy caravan through the French doors, you will be transported to a warm and romantic space. The bench couch is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy conversation inside the caravan tiny house, covered with handmade blankets and colourful pillows, it gives the space a nice bohemian vibe. The kitchen area, though small, has a little mini bar refrigerator that you can use to store foods, and there is some counter top space to prepare some meals and snacks. There are supplies to make tea and coffee right in the tiny house, and for any cooking needs, you can cook in their central kitchen or on one of the five barbecues.

A queen sized bed on the other side of the tiny house caravan looks lovely, with the beautiful canopy around it and all of the fresh linens and the colourful pillows. The window is a nice feature to have right beside the bed as well, and there is an over head light for reading. This tiny house space has all that one needs for a short stay and is more fun and adventurous than staying in a typical hotel. Staying at this place, you would also probably get to meet a lot of different people from all around the world and enjoy some conversation. The only thing you will notice is that there is no bathroom right inside the tiny house camper. There is, however, a shared washroom facility that you can use which has sinks, toilets and showers. This would make for the perfect place to stay when traveling in New Zealand. It just shows how versatile tiny houses can truly be, and how beautiful they can be to stay in, whether it is full time or just for a short visit.

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