This Wood Stove Makes Electricity To Power Your Home

This Wood Stove Makes Electricity To Power Your Home

This wood stove makes electricity to power your home. If you are living off grid or are thinking of living an off grid life, then you might want to invest in this single multifunctional item that could make your life a whole lot easier. This thermo electric wood stove generator is an off-grid stove you can use for cooking, heating, and providing electricity for your home.

With more and more technologies like this one becoming available, off-grid living is becoming more of a possibility for many of us. Even if you arent interested in living off the grid but simply want to use less fuel, save money, and become less grid-dependent, then stoves like the FireVolt Projects InStove could be just what youve been looking for. For those who arent quite sure what living off the grid means, the grid is the interconnected power grid that hooks electricity up to most homes in the Western world. For example, in the United States, most homes are connected to electricity, water, natural gas or oil, phone lines, and so on, through their local municipalities. Grid services are not free, and so being connected to these services can mean paying relatively large bills each month. As resources like gas, oil, and water become less available, they also become more expensive. Living on the grid is also very taxing for the environment as we use up more and more of these resources without being able to replenish them. This sort of lifestyle is becoming less sustainable, while living off the grid is becoming much more sustainable. Although going off the grid might sound a bit extreme at first, it is actually quite practical when you consider the current environmental situation. Going off the grid means taking responsibility for your own energy sources, and even creating your own cleaner energy, so that you dont have to be completely dependent on ones that are provided for you. Most off-grid systems are created with sustainability in mind, so that people can live with a smaller carbon footprint. For example, many off- gridders turn to solar power, wind power, and water turbines as alternative clean energy sources. Going off grid can also mean growing your own food rather than depending on the grocery store for your sustenance. When you grow your own food, you know exactly what you and your family are eating. You can eat naturally and organically and potentially live a much healthier life. When you go off grid, you can also rest assured that if there is ever a power outage in your area, you wont even feel it because you already self-sufficient.

The Fire Volt Projects InStove is a totally sustainable way to provide your home with off-grid energy. This multifunctional stove serves three main functions: cooking, heating, and generating electricity. It also has a very unique design that could fit easily into any home, and the stove itself is actually built around a cooking pot, for optimum use and efficiency. The InStove is affordable and can operate in a wide range of environments, including third world countries. It is built to have a ten-year service life. This informative video on the InStove comes from the Fire Volt Projects YouTube channel, a place where you can learn more about the InStove and similar projects. The intention for this technology is to help more people in the world have access to cooking, heating, and electricity.*

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