This Will Change Your Mind about Living in 450 Square Feet

This Will Change Your Mind about Living in 450 Square Feet

If you love looking at small cottage homes then check out this Beacon Cabin with a great small house design. Cabins and cottages have some really great design concepts. Some cabins and tiny cabin designs are very rustic and vintage, while others take on a more modern design. This Beacon small house design is a great mix of the classic rustic cabin look mixed with modern and contemporary style. The cottage is situated on a 40 acre vineyard in Gaston, Oregon and is a rental unit for travellers and passers by. The total square footage is not too small with 450 square feet of space. The cabin is built in a square shape as the main layout, and extends vertically with a staircase leading up to a comfortable sleeping loft with a full sized bed and windows all the way around the room. The windows that encircle the sleeping loft area of the small house design make this room feel like you are in a lighthouse, able to view the land from up top. The windows would make for beautiful mornings waking up to the sunrise and lovely evenings bathed in the orangey glow of the setting sun on the country side.

The front doors of the sweet cottage are a stylish rustic barn door style of a door which seems to be quite popular right now for homes and cottages alike. The rustic farmhouse look and the industrial look is quite popular in home design currently overall. These lovely doors welcome you into the main area of the cottage, where there is a fireplace located in the centre of the home to keep the whole cabin nice and toasty warm even on the chillier Oregon nights and rainy days. There is also a sliding glass patio door as another option for closing the door which is a nice touch. There is a sweet little kitchen with all of the modern necessities to cook meals while staying there, and a comfortable seating room for lounging around. The bathroom makes use of the space quite well with a large stand up shower with a nice view out the window. Guests can also enjoy a glass of the wine made right there from the grapes they can see growing in the fields from the cabin deck. There is also a grill that can be used for barbecuing up some nice fish to enjoy for meals as well as a fire pit to enjoy some campfire time in the warm summer evenings. This is one of those small cottage homes that you can really relax and retreat away in.

The price per night isn't too bad either at only $157 US per night, which is comparable to a night at a major hotel. It would also give you a chance to enjoy tiny house life and maybe even be inspired to live in one of your own small cottage homes either full time or to have as a recreational cabin. The Beacon Cabin can be rented through VRBO or Air Bnb, which are well known and used accommodation finding websites. Users can post their cabin or their house or apartment on either website and people who are traveling to their area can stay in them and pay the owner for the night's stay. Many people enjoy having the chance to stay in a home over a hotel, and in this case it gives you a beautiful piece of heaven to relax and enjoy. Tiny houses are all about freedom and choosing to live simply without high cost of modern living. Living smaller means that you have less space to pay for and more time to enjoy doing the things you love to do. Tiny house living can be for anyone and so many people are already loving the benefits of tiny house living.*

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