This Video Is Sure To Make You Fall In Love With Tiny Homes…

This Video Is Sure To Make You Fall In Love With Tiny Homes…

What a darling tiny home, could you live in this tiny home? This home is the kind of home you could probably see yourself growing old in. The is a tiny home plan that comes from one of the best online sources for finding house plans, They have a wide variety of home plans for tiny homes to large mansions, all on their great website. These plans come from different designers and architects who sell their home plans to be used in the home building process. As you may know already, house plans are an integral part of your building process, without the plans, the contractors would be oblivious to what you wanted to be built, and how to go about doing it. The plans are like the bible to your house; you need them as much as you need the lumber and the roof. You also need the floor plans to get the permits and approval that you need to build.

This house is one of the sweetest homes I have seen yet on ePlans website. It totally looks like something out of a movie or a fairy tale. I love the Victorian look of the house with all of the fine details in the brown trim and the way that the roof flares out at the eave. There is so much character to this lovely tiny home, so much to love, even though it is only 300 square feet in total. This home is presented as a guest house, as an English cottage, but one could use these floor plans to build this as a full-time tiny house residence. 300 square feet is actually on the larger size for tiny homes; many are as small as 80 square feet with nothing but a bed. The floor plan can also be rearranged to suit the needs of the owner, and extra walls can be put in or taken out depending on if they support the structure or not.

It seems to be that there is a loft for the bedroom as well, making this space work double duty, so on the ground level could be the living room and kitchen, with the bathroom, and then the sleeping loft above. The designer can also make a larger version of this tiny house as well, so if you love the look of the home, you can expand upon it. The stone work mixed with the wood framed and siding looks great together, and the stones are a nice touch to the house. The plans for this small home start out at $375, for just the basic plans to overview and do research with, and then the full on plans are around $1000, which can be modified and tweaked in AutoCad. On the website, there are hundreds of plans to choose from as well, so it is worthwhile to look around and see what you can find.

Building a smaller home is a more desirable option for people these days. Whether someone is looking to buy or build their first home, or they want to downsize to save some money, tiny homes are the way to go when you want a quality home that you won't be paying for the rest of your life. Tiny homes are a pleasure to live in and most people don't miss living in their larger home if they have everything they need in their small home, and if it all works efficiently. The floor plan must work for the dweller one hundred percent. Otherwise, the house will not be comfortable for them. So do your own research and know exactly what you and your family need and want before settling on a tiny house plan. Have a look at the many amazing plans on the ePlans website, and see which ones you love the best. Maybe it will even be this darling tiny house floor plan!

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