This Unassuming $23,800 Log Cabin Hides a Very Groovy Secret

This Unassuming $23,800 Log Cabin Hides a Very Groovy Secret

This Timbertrail Coventry $23,800 log house could be all yours to build and enjoy with family and friends. If you dream of living in or having a log house to use as a cabin, then it is totally worth looking through all of the great log homes plans and designs on the Coventry Log Homes website. Coventry Log Homes specializes in creating prefab log cabin kits that people can purchase right from their website. All of their log homes and log cabins are factory direct which means that they come straight from their very own factory and not through a distributor. So this means that when you buy a log home package from them, everything you need will also be accessible to you. From the designers, to the craftsmen, to the customer service representatives, they will all be in one convenient location to assist you with anything you need on your journey to building a log home or cabin.

Log homes plans and designs can be browsed through on the Coventry Log Homes website, where they feature four different categories of log home models to make it easier to choose what you want. If you are hoping for more of a part time log house that you just use on the weekends or for holidays, you might want to check out the Cabin or Recreational series of prefab log cabin kits. If you are wanting a customized home you will want to look at the Timber Frame homes or the Craftsman Series of their log home models. For simple and affordable log homes the Tradesman series of log homes plans and designs would be great to check out. They have such a great selection to choose from in their collection. The Timbertrail comes from Coventry Log Homes' Recreational series of prefab log cabin kits. These log cabins are not intended for full time use, so if you are thinking of using it as a residential home, you will have to check with your local building restrictions and codes.

The Timbertrail is a quaint and cute little log cabin that has one bedroom as well as a bathroom. The inside of the cabin features a loft area as well as cathedral ceilings and an open concept living area. The loft area overlooks the living area below and would be a great area to use as a secondary sleeping area or a storage loft. The interior of the log cabin is finished in the same wood as the outside of the cabin and gives it that cozy wood cabin warmth and ambiance. You can just imagine a lovely glowing fire filling the whole cabin up with radiant heat that will take off any chill from the outside. The nice farmer style porch is another great touch and addition to the log cabin, making the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors from the privacy of your own space. The complete package for this cabin includes everything that is needed to build the Timbertrail is only $26,900 for the larger option or $23,800 for the smaller option which is still a good size at 4 feet by 8 feet. The logs only can also be purchased for $15,400, and the logs will be pre cut and ready to go, but you don't get any of the other things that come with the complete package. You would have to source your own windows, door, roof, and interior finishings. The shell is another option that gives you just the bare bones of the structure for $21,750 but again, you have to find your own finishings. Check out the Timbertrail log cabin and more log homes plans and designs on their great website.*

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