This Turner Lift Top Coffee Table Is So Versatile You Will Want To Have It

This Turner Lift Top Coffee Table Is So Versatile You Will Want To Have It

We all love to conveniently store our odds and ends out of sight when they are not being used, which is what makes the 'lift top' table a very handy coffee table. It is a great place to put magazines, laptops or coloring books. In this day and age of DIYs spreading on the internet, here is a fun little DIY for this style of lift top table.

Speaking of fun and easy wood DIY's for the summer, the new trend this summer is using environmentally sourced resources and eliminating materials that end up in our garbage, landfills or dumps. A salvageable material that comes to mind is that of the humble yet versatile wooden shipping pallet. These pallets are used in large quantities in the shipping industry and are available basically for free at shipyards and auctions. These simple materials can be assembled into many different things and even broken down and used for flooring or shelving on their our. Frequently they are used as coffee tables or benches in the backyard, garage or tool rooms. They can be used as a staircase and the materials can be used for both indoors and out and add a bit of shabby-chic to any decor motif. As these pallets are made from a variety of wood, no two patinas or finishes are the same, thus lending to the custom and unique appeal of this medium. As they are fairly simple, you can customize the color or design and shapes to your personal preference and liking.

Cheap but versatile, and effortlessly converted into anything your mind can imagine. We have seen wine rack and shoe holders, day-beds and sofas and benches, swing and tables that belong even in luxury furnishing stores, all made from this delightful and re-purposeful material. A few pieces can be made into a frame, or a shelve, or sanded down and the wood re-used. The instructions are even kid friendly so it can be adapted into a family friendly fun project where everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor in their home. Even the great art masters needed a muse or inspiration so check out ours via Goods Home Design for a different adaptation of wooden coffee tables that would be great in any home. As you progress in your abilities with wood working, you can take on bigger projects and get amazing results!

For the full step by step instructions on how to build this handy Turner Lift Top Coffee Table, check out the link via the INSTRUCTABLES website and don't forget to share your creations!

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