This 'Tower' is actually a Tiny HOME! Wow!

This 'Tower' is actually a Tiny HOME! Wow!

Tiny houses and small homes are more popular than ever, with a variety of styles, designs and plans from hand built cob cottages, strawbale houses, domes, log cabins, beach shacks, gingerbread cottages, prefab homes ad modular tiny homes to name a few. "This "Tower" is actually a Tiny HOME! Wow!," is an amazing example of the sort of tiny homes being built.

This tower tiny house goes to show just how creative people can be, in turning a small space into an amazing home. The tiny house tower is quaint and comfortble and a great place to get away from it all. The surrounding landscape outside the tower tiny home offers an incredible scenic view. This tiny tower house was created out of the restoration of an old abandoned stable, inside the tiny house feels timeless, with luxurious finishing and the latest in technology. The tiny house looks medieval but has its own electricity and gas heating system. On the ground floor there is a living room with a small kitchenette and dining area, upstairs there is a spacious master bedroom that sleeps two and features beautiful artwork and antique light fixtures, along with a window with a view of the grounds.

Off of the bedroom is a bathroom that is fully functional with a beautiful stone sink, and standup shower. The tiny house also has a pergola and a private garden. This unique tower tiny house has stunning views of the surrounding countryside and lake below. There are lots of inspiring photos of this unique tower tiny house, and the tiny house is also available to be rented on a nightly basis to get the chance to stay in this medieval inspired tiny tower house.

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