This Tiny Portable Home Actually Unfolds... Coolest Thing Ever

This Tiny Portable Home Actually Unfolds... Coolest Thing Ever

Wouldn't you love to own a Portable home like this one featured on Small Spaces Addiction? With the number of awesome tiny homes popping up all around the world, it is always quite inspiring to have a look at the ones that are out there that people are living in. Whether you want a tiny house of your own, or you are just curious to see what they are all about, Small Spaces Addiction shows you tons of wonderful tiny house designs. Tiny houses are all about practicality, they must be very functional and every space must be used to the maximum capability. So, as you will see with this portable home, every square inch is planned to be of use. Mehdi Hidari Badie, the designer of this great home on wheels, has really taken advantage of this concept.

Using aluminum, steel and recycled plastic, with some thermoplastic insulation, this cabin is also very sustainably conscious. Surprisingly, the tiny house on wheels unfolds, as you will see as you scroll down through the photos. The floor panels fold out first, creating a nice base, and then the wall panels fold into place after that, with nice windows and a roof with solar panels on it. The design would be amazing for people on the go, or people who enjoyed to live in different places, but wanted to be able to take their house with them wherever they went. The house would be able to be settled anywhere and would be large enough to live in, but would also be small enough to fold up and pack up to drive to the next location. This could also work great as a temporary office space, or a studio space. Stylists could even use something like this in their business but have everything right there on the go with them.

We have seen ideas like this before, on websites showing the different houses at tiny house conventions. Some of these units can be very extensive, folding out to reveal multiple bedrooms, a bathroom and a full kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, and more. The innovative ideas that are coming out right now are quite incredible, to say the least. We have so many influential designers out in the world, as well as inventors and engineers that are working together to make units like this available to the public. This particular project seems like a concept sketch at this point. But it would be awesome to see it developed further.

As the mobile and tiny home industry evolves we will most likely be seeing many more projects like this on the market, making it so simple for people to enjoy camping, and taking road trips. Depending on the size and preference of an individual, one of these would be fine to live in full time as well. The tiny house and leisure mobile unit is an ever growing industry and who knows what we could see in the future! It is a very exciting time in design and architecture, with so many amazing possibilities and options, and it can be so interesting to watch how it evolves. So have a look at these inspiring images of the portable home, and be inspired by the awesome design concepts and sketches they featured on the website. You can also find a ton of other great projects featured on their website, like more Recreational Vehicle type homes, to stationary homes, as well as camper vans and shipping container homes. It is in French, but there is usually an automatic translate button that pops up at the top of the page. Enjoy!

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