This Tiny Log House is Really Awesome for its Price of $8,000

This Tiny Log House is Really Awesome for its Price of $8,000

This hot selling 2016 wooden house can be purchased for the low price of $140 - $350 per square meter. Prefab or modular housing can be a very affordable way to build a home of your own that is brand new and exactly the design you want. We are seeing many more modular houses like this one you see here. Companies like this one called Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Co., Ltd., manufacture the modular homes in their warehouse, by prefabricating all of the individual pieces that will make up the building kit. Then, the kits are able to be shipped all over the world. Taizhou Senfya Wood ships all over Asia, to Europe, to the United States and Canada, but they will ship anywhere in the world. Alibaba is a distributor for their products as well which is where you can order this home through. This modular, small house design is a great opportunity to get in on the tiny house movement, and get an affordable price on the home that you purchase. These homes would also make for great starter homes as well, or as an income property to rent out for extra income.

As you can see in these photos, it really is a quaint little cabin that would be perfect for a number of different uses. Some people enjoy living in these types of small house design full time or others use them as a cabin or a studio space. They could also serve as a nice little addition to your current house or property to rent out or use to accommodate guests when you have friends and family come to visit. There is even a nice sized patio area built onto the front or the side of the small home, which would make for the perfect place to lounge on a warm summer day, entertain guests or enjoy eating and barbecuing outdoors. The home plan features plenty of windows as well, which is great for letting in optimum natural light which is important for all homes to create a feeling of spaciousness and connection to the outside world. All of the windows and doors come with the prefab kit and all of the wood and materials that are needed for the small house design will be labeled with instructions, ready to be assembled.

When you are in the process of choosing a floor plan for your prefab home kit, make sure you choose one that you and your family will be absolutely comfortable in. Ask yourself and your family, how many bedrooms do we need? How many bathrooms do we need? What size of kitchen would we prefer? The more questions you can answer and the more you know what you want, the easier it will be to find the perfect small house design just for you. The pre fabricated homes from Taizhou Senfya Wood Industrial Co.,LTD are all made in Zhejiang in China. They use high quality Russian Pine wood for all of their modular house kits which is one of the most preferred types of wood to use in a building project. The other types of wood people enjoy using are Spruce and Cedar wood. But Cedar wood can be the most expensive wood so the other options are a little bit more affordable. You can have a look through all of their beautiful homes on the Alibaba website, and be inspired by the beauty of their unique designs. There are even other types of structures like pre fab kits for other structures like gazebos, sheds, villas and play houses for kids. Enjoy looking through the different plans and distributors on the Alibaba website and see which ones you like the best.***

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