This Tiny House May Seem Strange, but It Can Save You a Fortune

This Tiny House May Seem Strange, but It Can Save You a Fortune

This "Meka Prefab Tiny House" design is a great little prefab space, that would work for living, a guest house, artist studio or writing studio. You'll want to take a look at their modern and clean lined designs that look good wherever they go.

MEKA prefab tiny houses was started in 2009 by a group of engineers and architects who wanted to create modular work and live spaces that could be shipped to customers around the world. MEKA has held true to their initial business ideas, and has shipped buildings around the world and have expanded their manufacturing plants so they can better serve the local markets that they serve. On the Tiny House Living site you will find all sorts of tiny house designs from all over the world. Some of the tiny house designs you will find on this tiny house site can include New Cafe is inside of a tiny house, L'il lodge in Boston, Belgian tiny house, off grid container home in the Tahoe National forest, tiny vacations home by Hristina Hristova, Dabney and Alan's fire lookout tower, tiny house giant journey, four lights tiny house workshops in California, the Skysphere, Nomads Nest by Wind River Tiny Homes, Cliff hanging dwellings to name a few.

The small/tiny house movement is the name given for the growing trend of living in small/tiny homes, along with a move towards living more simply. Living simply for many means reducing the amount of stuff/possessions someone owns. Living in a tiny house, means having less space and in turn having to downsize and keep only the possessions that a person/family needs. Tiny houses are more popular than ever before with a wide variety of styles, designs, plans and sizes available to choose from. All over the world you will find tiny home designs that are unique and original based on the owners personal style and preferences, and the builder who built the tiny home. A tiny house is a return to living in smaller sized houses, which usually means living in a house that is less than 1,000 square feet. Tiny houses on wheels is also a growing trend, and often compared to RV living.

Downsizing into a tiny house can be a way to save money on heating, taxes, maintenance, building costs, and repair costs. For many people buying a tiny house or building a tiny house, means that they can afford to own their tiny house outright, and in doing that they can afford to do more of the things they enjoy from traveling, pursuing hobbies and passions. Tiny houses are less expensive to live in than larger traditionally sized houses in terms of taxes, building costs, heating, maintenance, and repair costs. Some of the different types of tiny house designs available include gingerbread cottages, pod homes, beach shacks, teardrop campers, sheds, tree houses, van dwellings, gypsy vardo caravan, backyard offices, small houses, cottages, park models, log cabins, house boats, yurts, house boats, cob cottages, dome homes, cabins, house trucks, buses, beach cottages and lots more.

If living in a tiny house is something that you think you may be interested in, you can find lots of great tiny house resources from books, websites, step by step video tutorials and literature. There are also workshops offered all over the country where you can learn how to build your own tiny home, whether it be a tiny house on wheels, strawbale houses or log cabins.

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