This Tiny Home Definitely Proves That 160 Square Feet Isn't Claustrophobic

This Tiny Home Definitely Proves That 160 Square Feet Isn't Claustrophobic

Here another unique and creative tiny house design to whet your tiny house appetite. This one’s a brand spanking new tiny house listing, complete with photos so you can study all of its inspiring, original details. Whether you are looking for a new tiny home to buy, or you’re just looking for tiny house ideas, this is well worth checking out.

Small house designs are becoming more popular with each passing day, especially in the United States and Canada. The reason for this is the economic downturn, which has been growing progressively challenging over the past few years. With thousands of individuals and families losing their homes, many have been searching out new ways to live that will not cost a bundle. Tiny homes make it possible to own your home within a reasonable amount of time without having to take unreasonable amounts of money out of the bank. But the tiny house movement isn’t just about finances, even though that is a big part of it. Tiny homes, or micro homes as they are sometimes called, are also about simplifying people’s otherwise complicated lives; going micro means decluttering and stripping your life down to the bare bones, the essentials, the basics. When you get rid of the excess baggage, you can ultimately make space for a bigger life. The final, and perhaps the most important, aspect of small house designs is that they are gentle on the environment. Whether you’re choosing to live on or off grid, your tiny house is not going to have the same carbon footprint that a much larger home would have. A lot of people are choosing micro houses to live in because they want to live greener lives in harmony with nature, and this just makes sense on so many levels. The greatest fascination with tiny house living is the creative way in which designers are constantly coming up with new blueprints that make the most effective use of small spaces. The tiny house movement is proving that limitation is only a perception – when you use your imagination, anything is possible.

This brand new, two-level tiny house on wheels is for sale, so you might want to keep that in mind when you have a look at it. It’s also mobile, so you are able to move it wherever you wish, or even use it as a tiny house trailer in the summer months. It contains a cozy, comfortable living space with a living room, galley kitchen, storage space, and two upper loft areas that are joined by an adorable little catwalk – these loft areas can both serve as bedrooms, or you could use one as a bedroom and the other for storage. The tiny home comes complete with a sink, counters, mini fridge, and a propane stove top.

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