This Petite Cottage Will Totally Sell You on Downsizing

This Petite Cottage Will Totally Sell You on Downsizing

Nestled in the heart of nature lies the most perfect abode. This petite cottage will totally sell you on downsizing. At first glance, it may seem like a classic bungalow, yet this cottage is anything but. It goes by the title of Oceanside Retreat and was created by Creative Cottages. With a cherry red roof and cedar siding, this cozy home can definitely be noticed amongst its forest-like surroundings.

Take a few steps inside and you will want to move in. The light colours and tall ceilings make the cottage feel more than spacious. The open concept is complimented by shabby chic details and a stone fireplace. Although, the most jaw dropping feature is the back wall, covered in windows, which gives a constant view of the gorgeous outdoors.

While living in a cottage this small may seem only fit for summer life, but think again. There are many benefits to the cottage life. The lower buying price is an obvious plus, but purchasers will also save on heating, decorating and property taxes. The saved money could go towards a beautiful garden or a boat for the lake!

Cottage life also offers lower stress levels and a better quality of life. You are not only saving money, but time cleaning, weeding and scrubbing. This leaves hours for enjoying the sunshine and conversing with loved ones. Due to the small amount of space, these cottages encourage family time and togetherness. It will feel as though your entire life is a vacation.

So, when deciding where to grow your family or enjoy your life, stop thinking about space and start thinking about living in a cottage. With an interior to match the stunning exterior, this Oceanside Retreat could be perfect for you.

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