This Miniature Abode In Japan Totally Wins The Tiny House Movement

This Miniature Abode In Japan Totally Wins The Tiny House Movement

Filming has begun for Zoolander 2, and every film buff in the world is re-watching the first movie in preparation (this is a fact). One running gag in Zoolander is fingertip-sized cellphones -- for at least a decade, companies had competed to make handheld technology ever smaller. While the trend eventually reversed for phones and tablets, Japan was heading the miniaturizing movement while it lasted. After all, this is the country that brought us bonsai and Re-Ment, the brand that has become synonymous with tiny but perfectly true-to-life plastic food.

Japan and Zoolander now come together with perfect, tiny houses built for people, not for ants.

Imagine a three-story home that looks as if it had been sliced off the side of a "normal" house. Look inside. Marvel at the impeccable Japanese design, as always raising the bar for simplicity and efficiency. Now set your cake slice house down by the river, or wherever else you might find a narrow strip of land going to waste, and you'll have a marvel of a space-saving, energy-efficient home.

If you feel claustrophobic just looking at the exterior of the tiny house, take a few controlled breaths and think of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (that's the 1971 classic, not the 2005 mess). Remember how Willy Wonka leads his tour group down a shrinking hallway to a small door, which opens to an entire meadow, chocolate river and waterfall, and chocolate-churning tubes. That's the sort of magic you'll experience, because Japanese architects can apparently do more with under 600 square feet than you could with your parents' entire basement when you were too saddled with student debt to even have any worldly possessions. (But at least you learned to read good, and do other things good, too.)

And hey, if you're thinking that your priceless collections of DVD box sets and whatnot won't fit into a tiny house, then maybe this is a good time to hold a perfect, tiny yard sale.Visit 'The Huffington Post Below' for more.

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