This Medieval Russian Log Cabin Will Give You Goosebumps

This Medieval Russian Log Cabin Will Give You Goosebumps

They say a photo is worth a thousand words and this photo of a Russian beautiful medieval house in the Village is one that gets your imagination going. The rustic style of the Russian log home is beautiful, with plenty of detailed log posts, beams and carved railings. A tiny covered front porch and rustic wood, make you wonder who lives there and the story behind the log home. Beside the log home, you can see wooden Russian homes with their famous Russian architecture, giving way to the landscape and architectural design that Russia is known for. When you see a photo of a rustic log cabin in Russia, you can't help but to wonder the history, and the life of the people and the log cabin itself. There is something almost mysterious about it, a far off place that we don't all that much about it's intriguing.

Log cabins, log homes, and log chalets have been around for a long time and are a home that people have dreamed of owning or building through the years. There is something about log cabins that we just can't resist Around for centuries, log cabins can be found in locations across the world. Typically a log cabin or log home is a home that has been built mostly out of logs that are found on or in proximity to where the log cabin is located. In the past log, homes jus made sense as the builders used what was available on the land. In areas such as Norway, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltic States and Russia, log cabin construction was the most popular building technique. It made sense as there are lots of straight and tall coniferous trees, like pine and spruce to use. You will find in areas of the world that are warmer and deciduous trees are more readily available, more timber framed home will be built.

Log cabins and log homes are a favorite choice among home builders, as they offer a style of home that is both durable and comfortable. Log cabins and log homes have proven through the years to be both a strong and warm home to live in, especially with the fireplace or wood stove going! Logs are also a good insulator. There has always been something about log homes and log cabins built with natural materials that we can't resist.

There is just something about log cabins and log home that appeals to us. Maybe it's because as a child you stayed in a log cabin or log home while away on family vacations and holidays, or as an adult you rented a log cabin to enjoy some time away. Whatever the reason log cabins and log homes have been around for centuries, as both a comfortable and durable design of the home. Log cabins are cozy and warm and manage to make us feel at home; there is just something homey and inviting about them. It's no surprise that log cabins and log homes continue to be the thing that dreams are made.

Log cabins are just as popular now as they were years ago, and will continue being a top choice when it comes to home building plans. You will find log homes that are cozy and rustic, and you will also find log homes that are modern and contemporary, some log homes have a mixture of both modern and rustic. Whatever type of log cabin or log home you have stayed in, it was sure to be appealing and unique. Log cabins and log homes are often located in natural locations from forest locations, mountainsides, Oceanside, and country settings where they look best due to the natural materials used in building them.

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