This Magnificent Stairway Will Take You To The Heaven Of Log Homes!

This Magnificent Stairway Will Take You To The Heaven Of Log Homes!

Wow, take a look at this photo! Can you imagine living in a home like this? Talk about a Stairway to Heaven! If we lived here, wed probably sleep mid-way, where this stairway is, just to continuously admire it and the view outside those windows!But if this is what the stairwell looks like, what about the rest of the house? Totally amazing! This rustic Colorado log cabin home was truly made with a passion for wood. Its constructed from big logs, giving it an even more dramatic presence in the Colorado landscape.

The entire house is a work of art! When Gunter and Gloria Preuss started building their new home, they both knew they wanted to work with the natural beauty of the wood itself and they set the bar pretty high for the end result.

When they first bought this property, it already had a log cabin on it but it was very basic with no electricity and only minimal running water. Nevertheless, Gloria and Gunter made some improvements and wound up living in it for nine years!

While they were there, they were constantly making plans to enlarge the log cabin to 7,000 feet, but a few things happened to make them change their mind. First, Gunter when to British Columbia on a fishing trip and discovered a log yard full of beautiful huge logs. Thats when the wheels started turning Then when he and Gloria attended a Denver log-home show, they met up with Andre Chevigny. Andre just happened to be the GM of Pioneer Log Homes in BC the exact same company Gunter had visited when he was there. When Andre saw Gunter and Glorias plans to expand their cabin, he encouraged them to start over from scratch! They agreed with him, thank goodness - and this gorgeous home is the finished product.

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