This Magical Little Cottage Belongs In A Grimm Fairytale

This Magical Little Cottage Belongs In A Grimm Fairytale

There are some small homes that look like they popped out of a cartoon or book, this magical little cottage belongs in a Grimm Fairytale for sure! The way they have designed the home is super beautiful and well thought out. With a concept like this that is very artistic, things just seem to fit, and sometimes that is hard to do when you mix different angles and edges. The door is in a leaf shape, which is not a usual shape for a door, but this design just seems to work! They even installed some awesome little tear drop windows that you don't see all too often, and they look beautiful!

They call the house the 'Jack Sparrow' maybe because of how quirky it is, twisted and unique. The home is in the Cornish country and it can actually be rented out from Air Bnb! The property seems to also have other vacation houses that are on it, like a tipi, and a gypsy style wagon. Most of the houses were built with recycled materials by the property owner, and now they are being shared with the world! People come from all over just to stay a night in these adorable little places.

The bedroom is just up a ladder and has a double bed in it, with curtains draped on the ceiling, giving it a softer feel. There is also a little window, and the ceilings are so high that it wouldn't feel too claustrophobic up there while sleeping. Just very cozy. There is a kitchen where you can cook your own meals and a bathroom with a composting toilet! There are plenty of windows letting nice natural light into the house, and lots of seating for multiple people to hang out. The place is over all, a beautiful little retreat.

It's just so wonderful to see little homes like this popping up all over the internet, on rental sites like Air Bnb, it really helps people out when they are traveling and depending on the price of the place, you could save quite a bit of money, and stay somewhere that has a super welcoming vibe and a nice and laid back atmosphere. It is an awesome way to travel, and stay somewhere that is more local than staying at a hotel, you can meet the owners of the place, and they can give you insider tips for things to do in the area that might be off the beaten trail. Even if you are not going to the UK, check out the photos for inspiration at least. Head over to 'Tiny House For Us' by following the link in the description below!

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