This Log House Picture Gallery Is To Swoon Over!

This Log House Picture Gallery Is To Swoon Over!

For many the dream of owning and living in a log home, log cabin or log cottage is a real one, one they plan for and save for over the years, with hopes of eventually living in or vacationing in one day. "Our Log Home Pictures Gallery," is a great source of inspiration and ideas to hopefully make that dream come true.

This log cabin, log home, log lodge, and log cottage website and amazing photo gallery is by J. Krentz Design, located in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. The company has an incredible portfolio of beautifully constructed log cabins and log homes to look at, and inspire. The photos on this log home, log cabin, and log cottage website have all sorts of amazing details such as wraparound porches, stone chimneys and stone fireplaces, peaked roofs, beautiful log detailed interiors and more. Some of the locations in these log cabin, log home and log cottages are just as spectacular, with lush green lawns, log homes on lakes, surrounded by forest and big trees.

Log homes, log cabins, and log cottages remind me of my childhood. Our family owned a log cabin on a remote lake, on an island and we got to spend many summers fishing, swimming, water skiing and adventuring around our rustic log cabin and lake. For our family the log cabin held many memories, as it was the log cabin my grandfather built and my mother, sister and brothers spent their childhood at, so growing up we got to look at old black and white photos of my mother at the log cabin. To me a log cabin is the perfect retreat, a place to make memories and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "J. Krentz Design," website.

Photo Gallery

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