This Log Home Lets You Reap The FULL Benefits Of Beautiful Sunshine

This Log Home Lets You Reap The FULL Benefits Of Beautiful Sunshine

The beautiful Oak Ridge log home model from Coventry Log Homes, Inc is a log home dream. Built out of the finest of log materials, this log home would be a treasure to own and live in and enjoy for many years to come. Log homes are some of the most sought after types of housing throughout the world. For many centuries people have been utilizing logs and building homes, cabins and other structures out of logs and it doesn't look like that will be ending any times soon. The only thing about log homes is that they can be very expensive, not only to purchase the materials, but in the building process as well. There are so many factors that people may not think about when they choose to build a log home, but can add up fairly quickly. Things like the foundation to build the log house on, and levelling the land on which the log home will be built on, and access roads that need to be paved in order to get to the building site easily. All of these extra items are things that sometimes people don't really consider until they are in the building process. But, if you do your research and know what you are getting into it should all be smooth sailing.

The reason log homes are so expensive in the first place is because of all of the work that goes into creating the materials, drawing out the plans, and of course, building them. There is of course the starting point, which is the tree plantation where the trees to be used for their materials are grown. These days, the majority of lumber comes from sustainable tree plantations where everything is closely monitored and where the workers have to adhere to certain guidelines so that the trees are grown and used within certain restrictions. With any natural resource there has to be monitoring like this so as not to waste any of our precious natural resources. The logs are processed in a mill, and then they are brought into the log home building company for the skilled craftsmen to handcraft with notches and grooves so that the logs will fit together perfectly like a jig saw puzzle. Sometimes these craftsmen then build the log home model in the warehouse and label all of the pieces before packaging it up, so that when the log home package is delivered to the building site, it will be very easy to build.

So as you can tell, there is a ton of hard work that goes into these log home kits like the Oak Ridge log home kit, which is why they come at such a high price, higher than any conventional dry wall home. But the results are always worth it, like the Oak Ridge log home. The finished product looks fabulous, with all of the natural logs and beautiful finishes. All of the fine details in the wood work and in the style and design that goes into a home like this one. All of the craftsmanship done on making the patios, and the great dormer on one side of the house. This Oak Ridge log home model would look wonderful in any setting, especially one out in nature like you see in the photos of it. Log homes are an investment. A log home will be able to outlast any other type of modern style construction because of the strength and resiliency of logs and their integrity to age well with proper maintenance. A log home is something to cherish and a home that will be able to be passed down through generations creating a legacy for the family who built it.

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