This Log Home Is So Cool It Even Has Its Own Astronomical Observatory!

This Log Home Is So Cool It Even Has Its Own Astronomical Observatory!

If you are in love with log homes then you will love to take Another Clearwater Virtual Tour by eLogHomes.Com. So many people love log build homes, and many actually prefer structures built out of logs. When you think about it, trees have been utilized for a very long time in our human history. People as far back as ancient Rome have been using logs in their building practices. Humans saw the tree has having the potential to be a highly strong and reliable resource for building homes, community buildings, and more. The first log buildings that were built were multifamily dwellings that were able to house numerous people in them so that everyone had a roof over their heads for a fairly low cost. Native tribes around the world have been also building all of their dwellings out of logs and wood, as well as using the wood from the logs to build and make other things like tools, weapons, dishes and furniture. The first log homes that were built in North America were build somewhere around the 1600s, and were built mainly by Swedish people who brought the log home building methods with them over from Sweden. Then shared their techniques with other European immigrants and before long, everyone was building with logs.

Fast-forward to today, and you can see that the desire to build buildings with logs has not fizzled out at all. People continue to trust logs to be the best building material that can be trusted for strength and durability over any other kind of building material. As you can see in this model of the Clearwater home from eLog Homes, logs are able to build a pretty fine looking building. Watching the video tour of the Clearwater log home can be helpful when deciding what kind of log home to purchase, and what it will look like when the shell has been built. The Clearwater home has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms which all fit beautifully into the 1607 square foot space. The exterior view looks incredible, with all of the perfectly assembled full size logs and the nice white metal roofing.

The home enters in off of the front patio which, in this case, is sheltered and closed in with screens, which could be nice to keep the bugs at bay in the warmer months. The floor plan has the entrance leading into the lovely sun filled living room, which also has a stone built area for a freestanding fire place. The large bedroom on the main floor has it's own bathroom as well as a walk in closet, perfect for using as the master suite of the log home. The kitchen area is well thought out and has enough space to cook happily with more than one person in the kitchen. They have featured stainless steel appliances which look rather refined in the log home. The kitchen also has access to the garage that is attached to the home. Having a garage is always a nice feature to any home, providing extra storage space and protection for vehicles from the elements.

Up the staircase, there is a wonderful recreation room, with enough space for a pool table, or perhaps a foosball table, some board game storage and a television. This recreation room also leads out onto a beautiful patio which would be the perfect hang out space in the summer, with awesome views of the surrounding area. This log home has so much to offer in its design as well as in it's strong, trustworthy structure built from ever fabulous logs!

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