This Log Home Has Some Very Special Design Features

This Log Home Has Some Very Special Design Features

Check out this website, Montana Log Homes, and see how This Log Home Has Some Very Special Design Features. This home is designed and built by Montana Log Homes. The company knows how to design right in order to make your dreams of owning a log home of your own come true. This company has been doing this work since 1975; that is forty years of service to the industry. Montana Log Homes is committed to providing the highest quality service they can. Their motto is not to be the biggest, but to be the best. And that is what you get with their quality homes. To do that, they hire and retain the most expertise they can with every aspect of designing, planning, budgeting, and building your custom log home.

Montana Log Homes are individually crafted by the skilled people they hire, using traditional hand tools. As well, they choose large diameter, dead standing, full length logs to build, and get them in Montana. They trees are peeled by hand, then cut and carved, one by one, to fit perfectly in to your own log home. This hand work allows Montana Log Homes complete control over the entire process and ensures a high quality product.

This is a top notch home, and the one shown on this website, is just one of the many custom design homes that Montana Log Homes can design and build for you. It makes no difference whether you are looking for something that is small or something that is grand, from a tiny chalet to getaway, or a grand lodge to entertain, Montana Log Homes can build something for you. For this home, nine fabulous photos highlight the kind of expertise and detail you can expect in your own new home. The fabulous windows should not be missed as they provide great views and lots of light. You will never feel that this home is dark with the kind of windows that Montana Log homes can provide. They are big, roomy, elegant, beautifully finished and built to last a life time.

The open design features of this home are really emphasized with the high, cathedral style ceilings. The ceilings are open and welcoming. Then the loft space is also open to the main floor, making the space seem even more welcome an open. That second floor allows a kind of getaway area, but without loss of contact with the family that might be down below enjoying the fire place in the living room and entertainment area. A high ceiling fan ensures that air quality remains high and equally distributed throughout the home.

This particular home is a whopping 4,243 square foot monsterand that is the square footage for just the main level of the house. There is an additional 1,437 square feet in the loftpractically a second home on that floor all by itself. This is a lovely home. Check out the nine photos that really give you an insiders idea of how this home could come together for you and your family.

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