This Log Cabin Surrounded By Lush Greenery Might Just Be The Nicest Holiday Retreat You've Ever Stayed In...

This Log Cabin Surrounded By Lush Greenery Might Just Be The Nicest Holiday Retreat You've Ever Stayed In...

There is something about this tiny "Cabin Title 55" that feels a bit like Christmas. It's easy to imagine lots of snow covering the tiny log cabin with its red roof and covered porch, surrounded by evergreen trees and lights. This beautiful tiny house is in a lovely location with lots of trees, and green grass. The tiny home is a log cabin with squared off logs, sun roofs and lots of hanging baskets. This tiny house is the thing that dreams are made of. It would be nice to spend Christmas or a winter holiday in a place like this, it would be magical. There is something about tiny log cabins that appeal to us, make us feel at home, cozy and with warm (especially when the fireplace or wood stove is going). Log homes have been around for a very long time, they are strong and lasting and close to nature, for many log cabins hold a special place in their hearts.

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You may have noticed that large amount of tiny homes that are showing up in some of the most unlikely of places. Whether it be that laneway house that was just built in down the street from you, or the tiny house on wheels that you saw being pulled down the road the other day, tiny house designs just keep getting better and better. You might think that just because a tiny house is small that there is not a lot of room to add your own persona touches, but nothing could be further from the truth. The interior and exterior design of a tiny home, just means that there is less materials that you have to buy and use, compared to their larger sized counterparts. You can be just as creative with a tiny house, if not more you will now have more of a budget to work with when it comes to decorating. You will want to have some fun and look around at all the design ideas you will find.

Tiny house and small homes styles are always improving. It makes you reconsider how you use the space in your home. From where to store stuff, to what the tiny house feels like when you walk in the door. This tiny log cabin is just one example of how a tiny house can be used to make family memories through the years, in a location that feels like home.

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