This Is Literally A Stairway To The Heaven Of Log Homes

This Is Literally A Stairway To The Heaven Of Log Homes

Are you into cozy stuff? “Yes! Warm and romantic ambiance is what I prefer. And I am so in love with it!” I’m sure you would! And I’m also certain that this another cozy and natural log cabin will capture your heart. So beautiful, isn't it? Well, I present to you Ms Kathy Scott. She is the brilliant architect behind this log cabin. Ten points for Kathy! *winks* Would you like to look around the cozy cabin? “I would really love if the ‘looking around’ part starts now.” Very well, my friend. It is time to experience the feels from this cabin, fellas! Let’s get in.

The log cabin is located at Loveland in Colorado. It sure is one of the reasons why we love this cabin – it is in the land of love. *winks* The Rocky Mountains around provides a fantastic view. The ski resort--- “Wait, there’s a ski resort?” Uh-huh! There is, amigo! As stated in Impressive Interior Design, the ski resort has a relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for people who want to achieve the peace of mind. *smiles* Plus its placement is ideal. *silence* This cabin has able to catch a lot when God showered the world with perfection. Kathy? You have it all! *winks*

Impressive Interior Design has repeatedly mentioned one word for this log cabin –inviting. Everything is! The kitchen itself is alluring; the tiles on the floor and the stones above remind everyone of nature and its beauty. Also, even if you live around the Rocky Mountains, a bar should never be out. You can still have the place for you to think AND drink wine or beer, and have a great time. The dining room whispers another view for you to enjoy. It has a “perfect view of the kitchen and matches the design of the kitchen perfectly.” The dining room also is a place for you to stay and spend more time with your family or friends.

Experience a virtual tour around Kathy's wonderful creation by looking at its photos. All you have to do is click Impressive Interior Design website below. Enjoy!

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