This Is How A Spacious And Modern Log Home Should Look Like, Check Out The Interior!

This Is How A Spacious And Modern Log Home Should Look Like, Check Out The Interior!

Stuck in a boxy apartment building and want to break out? Dreaming of your own log cabin with nature at your back door? So many of us are but dont know how to turn the fantasy into reality. Thats where this Edgewood Virtual Tour by comes in handy! Imagine a planet where we all lived in log cabins of all shapes and sizes, living a peaceful existence one where we give back to the land as much as we take from it. Entire communities are sprouting up all over the globe with this dream in mind, and it all starts with one person, one couple, one family at a time each of us making the move from urban to rural, complicated to simple, condo to cabin. But how do we start? It all seems so hard! I dont know how to design or build anything, let alone my own log cabin! Thats when we turn to the skilled and knowledgeable craftspeople of building companies like eLogHomes. These guys really know what theyre doing and weve got this virtual tour to prove it!

This particular design, the Edgewood log home, is one of the best examples of what eLogHomes has to offer. It comes with 2,364 square feet, three bedrooms, and two-and-a-half bathrooms! If thats not enough space for your family, we dont know what is. And, as youll soon see, every aspect of this gorgeous cabin home is just a practical as it is stunning.Beginning with the exterior, just look at the lovely gabled roof, bringing back memories of days gone by. On the main floor, theres an incredibly spacious wraparound deck part of it open and part of it covered so youve got the best of both worlds. The large uncovered area would be the perfect spot for your patio table and chairs with the parasol overhead to shelter you from the sun. You could put a barbeque in the covered area of the front porch and have people over for dinner in the warm summer months. Dont know about you, but a hammock would be nice out here too. And what about a nostalgic front porch swing, the kind they used to have on the Waltons? That sure would be swell, John-Boy!

Okay, enough lingering out here lets go in and see what the Edgewood is really all about. Lets march up the stairs and step into the foyer through that lovely green door. Whats the first thing we notice? Light pouring in through myriad windows. The towering space provided by the cathedral ceiling. Oh, and the open view to the second floor. Wow!

The open-concept living room, kitchen, and dining room work so well in here, giving you the sense of endless space especially when coupled with all of those windows and that fantastic view. Are we outside or in? Were dry and warm so we must be inside, but wow, with all of that light and space, it sure feels like weve gone to wide-open Heaven. One of the central features of the Edgewood log home is the spiral staircase that greets you soon after you walk in! It makes you want to spiral all the way upstairs right away, but lets finish looking around down here first. The kitchen has a utility room nearby which will be great for laundry, storage, and recycling! Theres also a half bathroom in the vicinity so you can easily wash up before preparing your yummy meals. Youll also find the Master Bedroom down here, complete with a full bathroom and a spacious walk-in closet thats big enough to hide an elephant! And this is just the first floor! Imagine living in a place like this and raising a family here, how healthy and relaxing it would be. Building your own log cabin home doesnt have to be hard its completely do-able. All youve got to do is find the right building company. If this family could do it, you can too!

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