This House Truck Offers An Ideal Getaway, With A Killer View

This House Truck Offers An Ideal Getaway, With A Killer View

Have you ever entertained the thought of living in a tiny home? This House Truck Offers An Ideal Getaway, With A Killer View! This house truck would be the perfect place to test out what tiny home living is like, while enjoying the perfect vacation in New Zealand! This tiny truck home, is apparently the only accommodation in this area, making it a pretty popular place to visit. The views are also breathtaking, so it is even more of a desirable spot to retreat to. With incredible views of the ocean, surrounded by trees and nature, this would make for one awesome relaxing getaway.

The house truck is set on Golden Bay and has a very nostalgic vibe to it. It looks like an old train car, and most likely was one, that is now converted into a little guest house. How fun is that? The guest house has plenty of room in it for a couple or a single person, and is more fun than just renting a normal hotel room in the city. It has a very nice lay out with everything that is needed for a great stay. A loft bed to sleep in, a nice wood stove to keep warm by, a nice little table to dine at and seating. There is also a full on claw foot tub outside, so you could enjoy a nice soak in the tub while looking out over the gorgeous lake!

The prices vary according to what time of year it is. But it is about $95 to $100 per night, just to get an idea of the cost. The details are lovely in this little abode, nice stained glass windows and a set of double doors leading to the outside are some of the cute features of this sweet little getaway. Check out all of the photos by heading over to 'Tiny House For Us' by clicking the link in the description below!

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