This Hot Springs Log Cabin is Something to be Seen

This Hot Springs Log Cabin is Something to be Seen

Dunton Hot Springs is an exclusive resort, complete with classic, rustic log cabins, located in picturesque Dunton Colorado. Dunton lay dormant as a ghost town for many a year, but it has now been completely restored into this romantic little resort, complete with a dance hall and a saloon, hot springs, and a waterfall. It is nestled in the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies, with gorgeous mountain scenery all around.

The magic of this Dunton resort lies within all of its vivid contrasts and apparent contradictions. The old, weathered, hand-crafted log cabins boast surprisingly elegant furnishings; the quaint, antique-looking saloon serves delicious, top-quality meals, and within all the simple beauties of nature, you can also experience luxurious spa treatments.

You can soak in the luscious hot springs while theres snow all around you, and its cold enough to see your breath. You may not use cell phones here, but high-speed Wi-Fi is available. Video conferencing can be accessed in the dance hall.

The genuine, original, hand-built cabins are built in a circle with the heart of the community the saloon and dance hall in the center. All of these are just a short distance away from the lovely bathhouse. And, at the other end of this little mining town, you can find a waterfall and a chapel with its roof open to the stars.

Each of the cabins has its own unique personality as well as its own individual story to tell and each overlooks a most breathtaking view of the surrounding meadows and mountains. Each is exquisitely decorated with only the finest details. Many of the cabins were actually restored by the miners who had built them in the first place, so they remain true to their original design.

To learn more about the Dunton Hot Springs and to find out how you can stay at one of these magical cabins, please visit the Dunton Hot Spring website, below.

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