This Father And Son Duo Build A Sensible Smaller Homes

This Father And Son Duo Build A Sensible Smaller Homes

This Father And Son Duo Build A Sensible Smaller Homes that are designed with sustainability and affordability in mind. Affordable housing is in demand and the movement toward smaller spaces addresses that as well as the environmental concerns and working to lessen our eco footprint. It's inspiring to see family members come together to build homes which are attainable for the average american purchaser.

Gerry and Teal are a father son combo who began building small homes in 2000, they call their company Wishbone Tiny Homes. Gerry has an extensive background in design and management with a timber frame home building company and also spent 15 years doing custom woodwork jobs. Teal is a skilled cabinet maker and demonstrates knowledge in all areas of sustainable design.

For many americans its a dream to own a little place in the woods, your own rustic retreat or perhaps even a permanent abode to live off the grid. We see large construction companies building spec homes throughout the country, they go up quickly without any reflection on the environmental impact of such mini mansions. Wishbone is a little different, their goal is to bring home ownership to all americans. A family owned company, rooted in supplying homes to other families. The dream of home ownership is attainable thanks to companies like Wishbone.

Shopping for a new home can be overwhelming and stressful, fraught with unanswered questions and feeling lost in concepts and designs. Add to that the idea of shopping for a Tiny House to rent or buy and all of a sudden the research got a little more difficult. Thankfully, the website Tiny House for Us is designed to help in your search for the perfect home. They specialize in being an online classified service, where buyers, sellers and renters can collaborate and network to help each other get settled into the ideal tiny home. Not only does the website offer a classifieds section, it is also packed full of helpful resources to assist in all your decisions along the way. After all, living simply in a tiny home should be fruitful and rewarding. Let the experts, share their knowledge and take a moment to meet your neighbors in the Tiny House community, both online and in person.

Be wise, the internet can be a superb source of information but don't forget to talk to people in person. Often times you'll find out so much more by sharing a meal or sitting down for a coffee. Companies like Wishbone are happy to facilitate these relationships, so embrace and enjoy! Your new lifestyle awaits.

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