This Breezy Beach Cottage Didn't Always Looked like This

This Breezy Beach Cottage Didn't Always Looked like This

This Tiny Beach Cottage On Camano Island will have you rethinking what designing a small house is all about. This small house design used to be an old timer tiny cabin that was transformed into a lovely beach cottage on Camano Island in Washington's Puget Sound. The small house design was originally built in the 1940s as a fishing tiny cabin on the islands Tyee Beach. The small house design had a major renovation in 2005 that added cedar shingle siding, a wood deck bigger than the tiny cottage itself, new windows and doors, and a completely renovated tiny house interior in vintage beach cottage style. The small house design has a studio floor plan of just 336 square feet. In this small house design, there is one bathroom at the end that takes up about five feet, so the kitchen, the living room and dining areas, and the bedroom all have to fit into a space that is the size of a typical single-car garage. Inside the small house design, an entire wall opens up to the outdoors and the beautiful water views.

There are five glass doors that swing out, so people who stay at the tiny cottage can go out onto the partly-covered deck. With such beautiful views, you would always have the feeling of space. The bathroom also has a fantastic view with a large window that comes right down to the edge of the jetted tub. The small house design renovation raised the ceiling to the rafters, which also lends to the feeling of space you get from this unique small house plans. With the raised ceiling it opened up space for a crawl-in loft over the bathroom, this could be used as a space to sleep. This tiny cottage is bright and cheerful with lots of tall painted wainscoting, hardwood and travertine tile flooring, and wood countertops on white kitchen cabinetry. This is one of the best small home plans you will see; it would be easy to spend lots of time in a small house design such as this.

There is something unique and special about small designer homes. Because of their size, unique small house plans can be used for a wide variety of uses from pottery studios, writers cabins, a playhouse for the kids, unique tiny house guests home, even as backyard spaces for the kids. You might be surprised at just how great some of these best small home plans can be, what they might lack in size they certainly make up for in style and design features. When you consider designing a small house the money that you save in the cost of materials can go towards making your small house design more appealing. Whether you decide on making your small house design off the grid so it can save you money in the future, or maybe you will put that money into modern appliances, the choice is yours to decide. Now more than ever there are so many small house design resources to find all sorts of ideas and inspirations.

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