This Amazing Tiny House Is for Sale and You'll Be Surprised by Its Low Price

This Amazing Tiny House Is for Sale and You'll Be Surprised by Its Low Price

Check out the awesome tiny house design of the Amity Tiny house on wheels. You might be excited to find out that this tiny house on wheels is actually for sale through Tiny House Listings' website. This is one of the larger tiny houses on wheels that you will find totalling 400 square feet. The length of the tiny house is the maximum length that a tiny house can be which is 30 feet long. The owners built the tiny house on wheels in 2015 and had the trailer custom designed and fabricated for the foundation of the tiny house. Since tiny houses on wheels are not built on a regular concrete foundation like most houses are and they are built on wheels, it is very important to make sure that the trailer is designed properly and can sustain the weight of the tiny house and its contents. Some people have successfully built tiny houses with recycled trailers that come from RV units. While using a recycled trailer can indeed save you a large chunk of cash, the frame still needs to be worked on and enhanced so as to be able to carry the weight of a tiny house.

The trailers for RVs are designed to hold the weight of synthetic materials which are light weight, whereas when you are building a tiny house, you have materials like wood that are being used which can weigh much more collectively. The axels of the tiny house trailer need to be strong enough to support the house, and if you have a faulty foundation, you have a faulty built and many things can go wrong. If you are thinking of building a tiny house of your own, it is wise to invest in a new trailer that is designed and built specifically for a tiny house on wheels. Many trailer places will be amenable to creating one for you, but keep in mind that the trailer can sometimes be over a quarter of the budget.

This tiny house design definitely has a great trailer as the foundation, with 7000 pound axels which is very sturdy. The outside appearance of the home is lovely as well. It is a nice contemporary tiny house design with a mix of metal and wood siding, and a great colourful green door for a pop of brightness. There are plenty of great windows on all sides of the home, which is always a nice feature to have in a tiny house on wheels since they really open up the interior space to the outdoors making the space feel and appear larger. Inside the house, there is great living space, with a fairly sizeable kitchen for a tiny house as well as a living room with a home made sofa bed. The washroom even has a tub, which isn't too common in a tiny house on wheels. The bright colours inside the tiny house give the home a welcoming and cozy feel and the high ceilings add to the openness of the space. This tiny house on wheels could be all yours for under $60,000 US. It may seem like a lot more than building it yourself, but it would save you on all of the hard work it takes to actually build a tiny house on wheels. The house is all ready to move into and make your own. You can park your tiny house anywhere you like and live fairly affordably and pay for the water and electricity you use while staying on someone's property. Tiny houses are a great alternative to renting and apartment living since you are able to own your home for a very affordable price. Check out the Amity tiny house and others that are available for sale on the Tiny House Listings website.*

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