This Amazing Three Story Sweeping Staircase has Beautiful Detail

This Amazing Three Story Sweeping Staircase has Beautiful Detail

Just look at this picture of this tree story log sweeping staircase. Honestly! It is incredible. Congratulations to the builders of this art piece. When you look at it, you have to wonder how in the world it is engineered! Every single piece of this is a natural log, branch or tree as is featured in the center of the picture. Look at how the risers on the second level are cut fitting each step.

Every log must be peeled, sanded and cut for its position on the staircase. Look at the handrails! The are curved. The rails are all individually cut pieces that are fit in artistically as well. Did you notice there is a diamond shape built in as well on the second level landing?

The tree in the center of the room is 42 feet high and supports the single stringer stairs. The article says that the railings serve as trusses providing strength and stability to each of the log treads and that the railings wer built in place.

The colors on the wood are exquisite! Naturally preserved in a honey finish with touches of dark stained pieces.

Continue your visual journey to not only this grande staircase, but the surrounding logwork, windows, and flooring. The floor is beautifully made as well with a broken tile effect. Such a perfect compliment to the room.

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