This Amazing Chair Works With Gravity To Help You Sit In The Best Postures

This Amazing Chair Works With Gravity To Help You Sit In The Best Postures

Many of us suffer from back pain at some time or another. Those of us who sit at a desk for long periods of time will often begin to slouch and sit poorly increasing our risk of back pain and injury. Even with awareness of posture our muscles can become weary and over time we are no longer able to sit properly. A kneeling chair is one answer to this dilemma. From the makers of the kneeling chair, Varier, we are introduced to the Amazing Gravity Balans Chair. This incredible chair is made for ultimate relaxation and comfort. It can be viewed online at 'Good Home Design'. It can also be found on 'Facebook' and 'Amazon'.

Previously known as Stokke Gravity Balans chair, this chair offers four positions for your comfort. All the way back allows the perfect place for a nap. If you suffer from swelling or fluid retention in your legs or feet like I did when I was pregnant, this is the perfect position for easing that discomfort. Combined with the fact that the chair gently rocks to the rhythm of your breathing you will soon find yourself in the state of blissful slumber.

Tilted back into the 3rd position this makes the prefect chair for watching a movie or your favorite television program. The lighter recline is also perfect for curling up with your favorite book.

A slight tilt back will allow for the more traditional seating position with your feet on the floor. This position will allow you to work comfortably at a table or desk.

The forward position allows for a kneeling position. This allows you to maintain your spine in an upright neutral position. With improved posture, it helps you develop your core muscles, keeps you from hunching towards your desk and does absolute wonders for the lumbar region the back. With increased blood flow throughout the whole body, your brain and body receive more nutrients and oxygen. You will feel better, think sharper and find relief from persistent pain.

Check out this amazing chair on 'Good Home Design, or at Varier's official website, 'Varier Furniture' or by following the link below.

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