This 5 Acre A-Frame Tiny Home is For Sale, Affordable and Fabulous

This 5 Acre A-Frame Tiny Home is For Sale, Affordable and Fabulous

Are you looking for a sweet new home? Are you a fan of unique architecture? Then you might want to check out this small A-frame house for sale in Texas!

This cute little A-frame is bright and cheery and its located in beautiful Burleson, Texas. Its 1080 square feet, and comes with 1.75 acres of open land. Theres one bedroom, one bath, a full living room and kitchen, and even a games room downstairs where you can entertain your guests on Saturday nights.

Although it may look ultra modern, the A-frame architectural style actually comes to us from ancient Europe, China, and the Islands of the South Pacific. Very easy structures to build, they were often called roof huts back in the day.

In the 50s, a number of architects like John Campbell, George Rockrise, and Walter Reemilin started working with these ancient roof hut designs in North America, making them new again. It was just after WWII and people were looking for stylish yet economical and efficient homes to live in.

It was the famous architect Andrew Geller, however, who really popularized the A-frame globally when he built one as a vacation home in Long Island, New York in 1955. After the New York Times wrote about it in 1957, this distinctive architectural design caught on like wildfire especially for summer homes, cabins, and cottages. And today, the A-frame is often a very sought-after tiny house design as well.

People loved and still love - A-frame homes for many reasons. Aside from being very interesting and beautiful to look at, they are also easy and inexpensive to build! Because they dont cost a lot to put together, architects have been able to experiment with the form a great deal, creating even more efficient modified versions.

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