This 300sf Swedish Jewel Of A Home Is For Sale Right Now In Stockholm

This 300sf Swedish Jewel Of A Home Is For Sale Right Now In Stockholm

There's something about Swedish style that is inspiring, the simplicity, organization and minimalist design elements are very visually pleasing. "This 300sf Swedish Jewel Of A Home Is For Sale Right Now In Stockholm," is small, but its simple design and elegance sets it apart from larger home designs.

This 300 square foot Swedish tiny house for sale in Stockholm is beautiful in its simplicity, with a little courtyard outside the front door, a simple kitchen downstairs, and a bedroom, living area upstairs. The rustic wooden stairs and wooden window frames, add interest to the mostly white interior. Upstairs there are two skylights to allow light in. This place brings form and function together, in a perfect balance, without arrogance. It makes tiny house living a considered option for people all over the world. This tiny house in Stockholm, sells for about $295,000, but it's important to remember that Swedish salaries are about twice as much as those in the United States.

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