This $26,000 Little Log House is Terrific, You Can't Miss It!

This $26,000 Little Log House is Terrific, You Can't Miss It!

This new prefab design is an affordable option when you are looking for a new home. Prefab designs take a lot of the worry of building a new home away, with affordability, time saving, and ease. Once you have your building site, you can simply order the home that suits your budget and lifestyle, and the prefab home kit can be delivered to your building site. With prices ranging from $140 to $350 US per square meter, there is sure to be a prefab home you'll love. This prefab home is built from quality Russian Pine, with fiberglass roofing shingles and wooden doors. The white exterior of this prefab design goes well with the gray fiberglass roofing shingles and gray door. This prefab design has a front and side covered porch to enjoy some fresh air. You could use this prefab design for full-time living, an office or a villa.

If you aren't already familiar with prefabricated construction, you might find yourself being surprised. Prefabricated construction and modular designs are becoming more and more popular as people realize the potential and benefits of these affordable and environmentally friendly homes. Prefabs and modular designs are built indoors in controlled factory settings and look every bit as good as any standard home build that is built on-site. It's surprising that prefab designs and modular homes aren't more popular as they have proven an excellent way to build new homes, that can be built quickly after things like hurricanes. Prefabricated construction and modular designs are an exciting and simple concept, you can simply go online and pick the prefab house of your dreams, it's that easy. Prefabricated construction and modular homes are sure to become more and more popular in time with their design flexibility that has a lot to do with CAD computer-aided design. This is just one of the reasons that prefab designs and modular homes are more economical than stick-built homes. Most people don't realize how just far prefabricated construction and modular homes have come, and in time people will realize the benefits of these homes. Because modular designs and prefabs home kits have to be strong enough to be transported and lifted with a crane, this is just one guarantee that the prefab homes are high quality as they have to be strong enough to be shipped and transported to their future building sites. Many people also become confused when they hear modular designs as they might think of mobile homes, which are now called manufactured homes. But the two types of homes are not the same. A prefab home kit or modular design is a home that is built partly or entirely in an indoor factory to the same set of standards that builders are required to meet in traditional on-site home construction. It should be remembered that when you buy a prefab home kit or modular design, you will need to have a piece of property to build on. You will also need to find a builder to build the prefab home kit on your site, along with an electrician, plumber, and other tradespeople to do the finishing and utility connections. Building prefab homes and modular designs are the same building process but in a climate controlled environment.

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