These Rare Tiny Treehouses Are Works Of Art

These Rare Tiny Treehouses Are Works Of Art

Usually on the tiny house blog website we find an array of interesting tiny homes, that fit into a neat little category where most are pretty similar to one another - they're all tiny homes! Here on the other hand we have interactive intriguing tree houses instead, so they don't quite fit into the neat category of tiny homes.. they stray a bit into their very own category. Since no one would actually live in these things, some refer to them as more of an artistic expression. They are all incredibly fascinating and unique, they are all different and have qualities that set them apart from one another.

Some are made from reclaimed woods, others are from metal, some have interesting geometric designs and shapes that seem out of this world, while others are more traditional and reserved with little quirks of character. Either way, each one is cool and different from the next, so there's lots of versatility and things to appreciate from them. They offer great inspiration for anyone tempted to try something similar. Usually kids growing up will get to have a fort in the tree or otherwise, built from regular planks of wood attached with nails. But imagine instead of making something super generic for your little kids, make the something that they can brag about, and that no other kid has! These tree houses are exactly that.

They will be sure to spark your kids imaginations since they create feelings of being in a completely different world. I'm sure they will love spending hours pretending and playing fantasy games while climbing all the intricate pieces of the structure. One of the tiny tree houses is actually a huge pumpkin shaped dome, which is obviously a little more Halloween oriented but you could still keep it erected through the seasons since it still looks awesome!

Other ones have an Oriental flare with tea lanterns hanging from the sloped roof. All of these can be found on display by local artists at the Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa. There are eight of them on display until the coming October of this year. Now none of these structures is created to be lived in, they're just meant to be enjoyed and appreciated as works of art for you ... or your children! Go on and click on the link below to get redirected to the "Tiny House Blog" website today.

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