These Off-The-Grid Homes Are As Fuel-Efficient As They Are Breathtaking!

These Off-The-Grid Homes Are As Fuel-Efficient As They Are Breathtaking!

With all of the problems with the fossil fuels being the reason for pollution, wars and poverty, going off grid is seeming like a better idea to a lot of people these days. Here are Another 21 Amazing Off the Grid Houses to spark your imagination and get you inspired! People are realizing that they want to live better lives, less attached to they systems that are ruining our world and pulling people apart instead of bringing them together. People want alternative ways to live that are more conscious and friendly to our Earth and that make us more self sufficient, rather than totally reliant on government or corporations.

These 21 amazing off the grid houses will have you totally inspired to go off the grid, or at least be inspired by seeing others doing it, and seeing how simple it can be. There are communities all over the world that are using more and more natural, self sustainable ways of getting power like solar or wind turbine power. They are getting fully off the grid and are better off because of it. This is what true freedom is. Check out the awesome off grid complex in London called the Greenwich Millennium Eco-Village. It's absolutely amazing! There are many little apartments all using more environmentally sustainable means of getting electricity, and they can still live in the city. So you don't really have to live in a cabin in the woods to be off the electrical grid as you can see.

There are the awesome adobe earth homes that are built like the one you see here in New Mexico. This is a very environmentally conscious way of building. Or the tube eco house in Baffin Island in Nunavut Canada, that shows you can build off grid anywhere no matter how cold! You must check out all 21 of these amazing off the grid houses. Head over to 'Gizmodo' by following the link in the description below for more!

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