These Log Cabin Builders Are so Amazing They Got Their Own TV Show

These Log Cabin Builders Are so Amazing They Got Their Own TV Show

The location of this Pioneer Log Cabin 18 is just as special as the log cabin itself. Surrounded by foothills, trees and grasses, you would be sure to catch glimpses of wildlife down below, from your upper covered patio. The patio would be the perfect place to spend lots of time watching sunrises and sunsets, and listening to the sounds of nature. This is a nice sized log home where you could live comfortably with your family, and still have room for guests to stay. Pioneer Log Homes have a long and solid history of building log cabins and log homes. The log home building team handcraft all their log homes and log cabins, offering you get the best quality they can. When you purchase a log home from Pioneer Log Homes, you know that you will get a log home or log cabin that arrives on time, matching every detail that you planned. The designers and log home builders of this company are passionate about log home building and knowing that their product is the best that they can offer, they also care about sourcing their logs from forests that they help sustain to be enjoyed for other generations for years to come.

The log home builders from Pioneer build custom log home designs that start at floor plans under 1,500 square feet, and go beyond 4,500 square feet! They are also able to build log barns, and log garages. You can take a look at the log homes that they have built in locations all over the world, from Scotland to Kazakhstan. The log home company was started in 1973, by Bryan Reid Senior. Pioneer is located in Williams Lake, British Columbia. This is a good location for the company because they are in proximity to an endless amount of quality Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and Spruce. When Pioneer log home began to grow, some of the family joined the log business too. From Bryan's brother Andre Chevigny (a master craftsman), and his other brother David Chevigny. Bryan's son, Bryan Reid Jr., is also part of the family log home business, and he trained underneath his uncle Andre to also become a master craftsman.

One style of log homes that Pioneer can do is the log post and beam style of log homes. Post and beam log homes have flat walls that offer the same look and feel as a standard log home does. Post and beam log homes are built at Pioneer Log Homes by their qualified log home team. Log homes and log cabins are a strong and durable build. These log homes are the type of homes that you will enjoy with family and friends for years to come. Pioneer log homes can ship their log homes and log cabins around the world. You can also find the team from Pioneer Log Homes on the Discovery Chanel and HGTV in Canada, on a show called the Timber Kings. On the show, they build a variety of log homes from start to finish. With each episode showcasing the quality work they do, the artistry and craftsmanship, and the fearlessness it often takes. You will also see some fun behind the scene glimpses of some of the construction drama. If you like log cabins and log homes, you will want to the Pioneer log building team in action.

Log homes are best built with coniferous trees that are tall and straight. That is why Williams Lake is a good location for the company because they have a lot of trees that are appropriate for building log homes. You will also find lots of log homes in the Northern countries of Sweden, Finland and Norway due to their proximity of coniferous trees.

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