There May Be Prettier Tiny Houses out There, but Not at This Price

There May Be Prettier Tiny Houses out There, but Not at This Price

These days there are so many different small log cabins for sale on the internet. The Lugarde Cyprus Log Cabin 6.0m x 6.0m is one of the cabin kits for sale from Simply Log Cabins, a dealer of log cabin kits, garden sheds and more. The company is based out of the United Kingdom and they ship all over the UK for no charge but elsewhere for a price. With a great selection of small log cabins like this Lugarde Cyprus Log Cabin as well as larger and smaller cabins, they have a great variety to choose from that will please any customer. If you are looking to build a log cabin whether it is as a cabin to use for recreational purposes or to add to your own property as an accessory dwelling unit, you can be sure you will find a cabin model that will suit your needs. People build a log cabin like this one in their back yard for many different purposes. You can see in city environments that people use these small log cabins as an extra bedroom space to house personal guests. They also use them as an outdoor living room where they add in some furniture to be able to relax and enjoy reading or lounging out. You can also see some people using these small log cabins as a home gym where they add in their own work out equipment like treadmills, weights, an elliptical trainer, stair master, a punching bag and any other work out gear. Its a great way to avoid having to drive to the gym every day before or after work and not have to pay the expensive gym fees.

Other people use the cabins for a home office as a way to avoid that lousy commute to their work place, and since more work offices are becoming amenable to people working from their own home, this is a great way to create a nice, quiet and separate place to do work from home. Another idea could be to use one of these small log cabins as an artist studio where you can be as messy as you want. So many great and practical uses for these lovely little cottages. All of the cabin kits for sale from Simply Log Homes are made with Nordic Spruce logs which are known for their high quality and durability. The Nordic Spruce logs that make up these homes will last a lifetime of use especially when they are taken care of properly. The maintenance of a log house or cabin is part of owning one, the wood needs to be maintained well so that it doesn't risk getting cracked which can compromise the overall structural integrity of the building. The wood can be left looking natural like you see with the Lugarde Cyprus log cabin, with just a simple stain and some finish to protect the wood from sunlight and moisture. Or, like you may see in some of the other models, you can paint the wood the colour of your choice as well. Some of them look really nice painted a deep red or deep green colour.

The packages that they sell include all of the materials needed to build the entire small cabin. The full package comes with all of the windows and doors, and in this case there are three doors, and three windows. All of the flooring is included as well as the roof with the shingles. Once a cabin kit like this arrives at your land, you are able to begin building it right away. All of the pieces will be pre cut and notched to all fit together perfectly, and there are complete instructions on how to put it all together. If you have some help, the small log cabin could be built in as little as a weekend.*

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