The Zen of Sustainable Tiny Housing

The Zen of Sustainable Tiny Housing

Tiny house designs are popping up in the best of places. This GREAT BARRIER HOUSE, tiny house design is a stunning build that you won't be able to stop thinking about. This tiny house design is located on Great Barrier Island, in New Zealand. The sustainable tiny house is designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan, and it is a tiny house that you can swoon over! You will want to take a look at all the photos of this great small house design.

There is a bit of a tiny house movement going on if you haven't already heard. Tiny house designs and small house designs are used for a variety of uses from full time living to guest houses, artist studios to writers retreats, garden sheds, and vacation homes to name a few. It's not that tiny houses haven't been around since the start of time, it's just that we didn't always call them tiny houses. It's only with the explosion of large, monster houses that we have seen in recent years that we are starting to see the appeal again of smaller spaces, both in terms of simplicity and affordability. The number of tiny house designers and small house builders in recent years have continually increased, and that is a good thing. Good because, tiny houses keep getting better and better, and never have there been so many options in tiny house designs than there is today.

There are so many tiny house designs that you could easily become overwhelmed if tiny house living was something you are looking into. But rest assured, with so many tiny house designs to choose from, there is sure to be the right small house just waiting for you. It's normal to like more than one tiny house designs, and there is sure to be a plan, style or design that you eventually gravitate to more than another, and it is from there that you can eventually make your choice. One place you can go to for some tiny house inspiration and ideas is the Small House Swoon site. Here you are sure to find some of the most unique and beautiful tiny house designs out there. The site includes small houses from locations all over the world. You will find small house designs and plans with names like the Peaceful Log Cabin, The Stone Tiny House, The Victorian Prepper tiny house, the Beach Cottage and the Writers Studio Barn. You will also be inspired by tiny house designs like the boathouse, floating homes, cob cottages, the treehouse, a New Mexico strawbale house, an amazing tiny cabin on Whitby Island and the Loras tiny house. Not all houses have names, but most of these tiny houses seem to! This is an easy site to come back to time and time again.

What would you use a small house for? While tiny house living and small house living might not be for everyone, they open up a window of opportunity for homeowners all over the world. A tiny home might be the way a family gets to own and live in a home of their own. With housing costs more expensive than ever, people are having to rethink their priorities, and while space may be a nice thing, it is not always what we all need. A tiny house can offer an affordable option that will benefit communities all over the world. That is why it is so refreshing to see all these amazing tiny house and small house designs being built, each is unique to the people who design and build them, and the owner who lives in them. Tiny house and small designs are here to stay, not that they ever left!

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