The Worlds Coolest Tree Houses

The Worlds Coolest Tree Houses

Hey guys! What about if we stay in a tree house this summer? Cool? “Oh yeah! That’s the best idea ever!” “I want to try that. I've never been in a tree house before.” “That sounds neat. But we got a problem.” A problem? What is it? “Where should we go? At what tree house should we stay in and enjoy summer?” Young fella, don't make the whereabouts a problem because I know some of the coolest tree houses in the world! Believe me, guys. You're going to love them. “Well? Why don't you share some of those and we'll see?” Again, not a problem. *winks* Here are some of the world’s coolest tree houses.

We have Sanya Nanshan Tree house Resort and Beach Club. A tree house with a beach resort? Guys, this is it! Sanya Nanshan Tree house Resort and Beach Club has four tree houses in old and beautiful Tamarind trees: the Guan Yin Spa Treehouse, Hawaiian Hale Hotel Tree House, Beach Club Tree House, and the Big Beach in the Sky. The Big Beach in the Sky is the choice of most tourists. This is a two-level playhouse and can occupy up to six people. *looks at each other* High five! Anyway, this tree house has a lovely view of the South China Sea. You'll forget your 160$ per night once you see the fantastic ocean view. *winks*

Another tree house that will take your breath away is the Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel. This tree house hotel has--- “Where is it?” *silence* Oh, right. This is one of the most amazing features of this tree house. If you want to hide from your ex-boyfriend this summer, spend your time here! It’s like hiding among the trees. Cool? “Yeah!” This tree hotel in Sweden is the most unique tree house ever! According to Mirrorcube’s website, the base consists of aluminum frame around the tree trunk and the walls are covered with reflective glass. The interior is made from plywood with a birch surface, and the six windows offer a panoramic view. The Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel can accommodate 2 persons for 550$. If you want to spend some time alone, the price goes down to 470$. All prices include breakfast buffet. But take note, the rates will increase starting on the 15th of September, 2015. “Question here!” Shoot. “Is that per night?” Yes, dear one. It is per night.

There are more cool tree houses in the world to visit. Just click on Mail Online’s link below for more tree houses and their photos. Whichever you choose guys, just enjoy and let it be the best vacation ever. *winks*

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