The Wooly Wagon

The Wooly Wagon

Indiana is where you can find and purchase the Wooly Wagon that is depicted on this web site. They have been designing and building varieties of small homes for more than 30 years, and so the experience they bring to the construction can give you confidence in what they provide you and your new home. Steve Auth is the main builder and designer. He has been putting together wonderful homes such as this wooly wagon for more than 40 years. His experience living in a ranch environment is what inspired him to take a wagon and turn it in to a home. From that point of inspiration, Steve has never looked back. Now they build custom wagons as well as three other standards, including the gypsy wagon, sheep wagon, and tiny home construction.

What are these little wagons made from? They are custom built to your specification using high quality aluminum. There are more than 30 color options with this versatile and light weight material. The builders do caution that when you look at a wagon construction, the aluminum is an important consideration. That is the structure that will carry everything else in this little home; thus, it is an important element to the construction. Aluminum is the choice of building materials for this company, in part, because it just does not rot. Its color remains true and rich and the materials can withstand rain, wind and weather. As well, the light weight means less fuel costs to travel with this little home.

These small wagons are also fully insulated, so if cooler weather comes up unexpectedly on your summer vacation, road trip, or whatever you are doing, you will be warm and snug in this wagon. The website shows the insulation as it is sprayed in to the construction, and you can quickly see how well it is done, and how secure and warm your little home will be. The roof is equally carefully constructed. As the website explains strong, ribbed, 26 to 29-gauge steel panels are used. The ribbing is a design feature that ensures all water and weather flows off the roof, does not pool and keeps the interior dry. This material is a cost-effective choice. And these materials are often used in residences, industry and commercial construction, so you can be confident of the quality of these materials.

The interior can be constructed from different types of wood and wood panels. A broad range can be seen on the website. The varieties include western cedar, pine tongue and groove, walnut, cypress, cedar ply board, and many other types and styles. A little wagon might be the perfect vacation home for you, or you and your family. It is light in weight, convenient to drive, easy to take wherever you enjoy travelling, and a real show stopper and conversation starter. Check it out soon. Find out more about these homes and many others at the website, Fox News.

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