The Woodsman’s Cottage

The Woodsman’s Cottage

There is something so familiar and welcoming about a cottage and this The Woodsman’s Cottage is definitely no exception. This beautiful cottage was built by a group of handy volunteers out of all eco friendly materials like chestnut wood, straw and earth mud. These materials have long been used to build homes around the world. Adobe earth huts have been built for centuries, the people would just use the materials that they had around them. So they would use the dirt under their feet, the clay in the earth and water to make a structure.

This type of traditional building is so interesting to me, and my partner and I actually spent some time working on an earth mud home. We painted it with a type of lime stone paint that we put aloe vera in so that it would form a kind of plaster that would keep the earth holding strong for years to come. It was such a cool experience learning about all of these kind of traditional building methods. It is so amazing to see more and more people doing it!

The house was also featured on a show from Channel 4 in the UK called Grand Designs and people can visit it year round to have a peek at what true eco friendly earth based building looks like. The house itself is so beautiful and charming. I love the way they have done the vaulted ceiling and the gothic style windows. It adds an English charm, to a very country rustic cottage. They even installed skylights to allow more light to come in which is a great feature to have. The cottage is so darling, I could just envision myself curling up by the fire place with a nice cup of tea, enjoying the quiet a cabin in the countryside brings.

Make sure that you visit the second page as well, where you can have a peek at more of the building process. You can see how they used the bales of straw for the walls and then how they coated the mud plaster over top. It shows the beautiful wood burning chimney that was also earth made and is an essential feature to a cottage for sure! I love how everything is done with all natural earth based materials. This one is a must see.

Check out all 2 pages of the photos of this quaint eco cottage by following the link to "Goods Home Design" and be inspired!

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