The West Virginian Log Home has a Perfect Floor Plan Design

The West Virginian Log Home has a Perfect Floor Plan Design

Are you into small log cabins and log cabin designs? If so, this is another West Virginian log home that will inspire you. Log building is as popular as ever, and log homes and small log cabins have been being built for centuries. The Swedish were the first to share their ways of log home building with other settlers from Europe, who immigrated in the Americas. And since there were so many trees available in America when they began to settle on the land, there was an abundance of materials for them to work with to build some of the sweetest log houses and cabins we have ever seen. Although style and design were not high on the list of priorities back then, the log houses and cabins still had a very appealing look to them, and they were very stylish in their own way. Even though there are many building styles since the years have gone on, the traditional log cabin style is still very appealing to most people and is somewhat comforting as well in its simplicity.

This West Virginian log cabin from Appalachian Log Structures is one of the more traditional looking log cabin designs. It sits on small stilts above the ground to level it out evenly over the natural terrain, with a nice porch that wraps around the side of the log cabin. The layout is 720 square feet in total, which just makes enough room for two bedrooms, one of which is on the main floor and the other on the upper floor, as well as one bathroom, a kitchen, and an open concept living room and dining room. The space is enough for a small family to live comfortably in, or to use as a weekend getaway while vacationing.

If you are looking to build a log cabin, purchasing a kit from a company like Appalachian Log Structures is a very reasonable choice to make. They sell three different packages that come with supplies and materials to build their log cabin designs. The packages come complete with all of the materials, including windows, an insulated door, the loft framing, the roof system, the floor system, as well as all of the hardware needed and more. There are varying levels of packages starting with the Premier Package, which includes the most supplies, the Pioneer Package with a little bit less of the materials, and the Frontier TRS Package, which includes the materials just to build the shell of the building. The kits start out at $29,885. The Appalachian Log Structures company also offers technical assistance on the building site which is really helpful for people who decide to build a log cabin kit themselves. Log home owners can also have their log house or cabin built for them if they choose.

Using a log cabin building kit can save you some time and money having to source all of the materials yourself. The logs used in the kits from most of the log home building companies will come from sustainable tree farms. The trees in the farms are grown specifically to be used for building materials and other items. Growing the trees in this way makes logs a very sustainable building material that doesn't have an impact on the old grown forests that are are homes to many animals. Appalachian Log Structures has a variety of beautiful log houses and smaller cabins like this one that they sell plans and building kits for right from their website. They also have distributors all across the United States, so it is easy to order a log cabin kit and have it delivered wherever it is needed.***

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