The Walls of This House Are Built from Straw Bales Coated with Mud

The Walls of This House Are Built from Straw Bales Coated with Mud

You will want to take a closer look at a straw bale cabin by AATA Arquitectos, it's modern design might surprise people. This tiny cabin is located in a rural area of central Chile. The tiny straw bale house uses very little energy and has a low carbon footprint. The tiny cabin was designed by Architects AATA Arquitectos, who opted for a two level tiny house floor plan to minimize the site impact. The tiny cabin takes the shape of a cube that is 17 feet by 9 inches on each side. The walls of the tiny house are wood-framed and then insulated on the outside with straw bales that are coated with mud. Straw bales are a readily available renewable local material that provide a very high level of insulation. The straw bale walls were then covered with sheets of clear polycarbonate, and accented by bands of corrugated zinc at the top and bottom. The exterior surface is transparent and is pretty much like a large-scale version of the 'truth window' that are often put into straw bale houses to show that they are built from straw bales. The roof of the tiny cabin is very visible from the uphill areas of the property. To make the tiny cabin look more attractive from above, a green roof was added. The green roof was added after the photos were taken. The green roof is a great way to add to the roof's and tiny houses' insulation.

The interior space of the tiny cabin is small but efficient. On the lower floor, there is a three piece bathroom and a small but full kitchen along one wall. There is a ladder that leads up to the mezzanine loft. Both levels of the tiny house benefit from the scenic views through a double-height window wall. The window wall lets in lots of natural light and can be completely opened to the outdoor deck. There are smaller windows on the other side that allow for effective cross-ventilation in the summer. The interior walls and ceilings of the tiny cabin are painted white, which is offset by the stained pine trim and plywood floors. White was chosen to reflect daylight throughout the space, reducing the need for artificial lighting, while making the tiny cabin feel spacious. This is a beautiful strawbale tiny house; you will want to take a closer look! This tiny house site has some of the best small house and tiny house designs you'll see from all over the world. Even if you aren't a huge fan of small houses, you just might be after looking at the site. You will find all sorts of tiny house ideas and inspirations, and tiny houses for sale. On the tiny house site you will see a 235 square foot studio cottage designed for maximum efficiency, to a tiny gabled cottage that looks small from the street, with only a few small windows, but when you get around to the back of the tiny cottage you'll find large windows and French doors that open up to a sunny brick patio. Along with a tiny garden cottage in Denmark, a tiny house that designed and built by architect Michael OSullivan for his family of six.

You'll find information about tiny house company the Wee House Company, a new Scottish startup that offers tiny houses in energy efficient designs that appeal to first home buyers, people needed rental cottages and downsizing retirees. Whatever your reason for being interested in tiny houses, on this site you are sure to find something that will intrigue you or inspire you along the way, with a wide variety of tiny house designs and styles.

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