The Untold Secrets of Sources of Renewable Energy

The Untold Secrets of Sources of Renewable Energy

What are the sources of renewable energy? How many sources are there? Have you really given much thought to any of this or do you just turn the power on and off on well, just about everything you use without any consideration at all to where the energy is coming from.

Along with the traditional methods of energy, more alternative energy sources are being developed that are more environmentally conscious.

Sun, wind, water and earth, these natural forces have the potential to harness renewable energy. As costs become more manageable for the average person, the popularity and feasibility will increase. Money always talks when it comes to choosing anything. How about the focus on more eco-friendly aspects. This aspect of life is gaining momentum as well. We as a planet must take the steps to work in the planets preservation. Those wishing to live off the grid are eagerly exploring what options are available to them.

Lets discuss a little about the four elements mentioned.

1. Solar Power involves the use of the power of the sun. You have to have solar panels to catch this energy. Depending where you live, and the amount of exposure you get to the sun will determine how effective this method will be for you. This is a clean and green energy source.

2. Wind Power requires a wind turbine and sufficient wind on a regular basis to power the turbine. Turbines will require maintenance, and you must be located in an area where you are allowed to have this type of structure. It will be costly to install a turbine.

3. Water Power. Yes, the water wheel can turn and create a sufficient amount of energy but the drawbacks are the water source and maintenance. If you live near a stream, you could have a waterwheel to harness the energy.

4. Earth Power means to tap into geo-thermal power. You need geo-thermal (ground source) pumps that you use to heat your home. This is a very steep set up cost but over the long term is worthwhile.

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