The Tioga is 3678 Square Feet of Log Home Building Mastery - CLICK for Floor Plans

The Tioga is 3678 Square Feet of Log Home Building Mastery - CLICK for Floor Plans

When you think about log cabin living The Tioga is 3678 Square Feet of Log Home Building Mastery is the type of log cabin build that comes to mind. This four bedroom, two and a half bathroom log home build, is a nice size for a family to live comfortably. This log home could also be used as a family vacation home; you might even consider sharing it with another family. This log cabin build by Estemerwalt is a quality build, and larger than most log cabins at 3,678 square feet, that's a lot of space also to have family and friends come to visit.

The front covered porch looks just right, with lots of rockers where you could sit and enjoy some music and outdoor time. Personally I could spend half the summer on that front porch, sipping on lemonade and hanging out with the kids for lunch, dinner or playing board games. It's also easy to imagine pup lying peacefully underfoot, in any weather protected by the roof.

The Tioga log home plan is quite an amazing log home plan. On the main floor of the plan, you will find a laundry room, a pantry, 1/2 bathroom, two back porches, the large front covered porch, a garage, an open kitchen/dining room/living room area, the master bedroom and ensuite. Upstairs there is a library, three bedrooms, and one full sized bathroom. This is log home living with style, yet it is rustic and full of charm at the same time.

The folks at Estemerwalt know what it takes to build the log home or log cabin of your dreams because they have been doing it for years. With over 130 years of log home experience and five generations of family, the

Propst family has been building and manufacturing the best quality wood products, and raising the standard of log cabin designs for years. They are a family run log home business, that prides themselves on their excellent personal service, nice staff and excellent craftsmanship.

When it comes time to choosing your log home, you'll want to do your research, talk to different log home builders, and find someone who shares your log home vision. You also want to find a log home company that is passionate about what they do, and can guarantee that the work they do will last. A log home should reflect both your lifestyle and your log home dreams.

This log home company sees the wood and the logs for their log home builds through every step of the way from start to finish. First they make sure that the logs they use in their log home builds are sourced from sustainably managed forests; this is an important step in maintaining our forests for generations to come. Then they take the wood to their full-service sawmill where every log, timber, a piece of siding and piece of tongue and groove, is sawn, dried and made right in their mill. Knowing this, helps to ensure that the log home package you get will be of the best quality, not something that a lot of log home manufacturers can attest. This also means that they can offer their customers better value when purchasing a log home or log cabin.

One of the most exciting steps of the log home building process is the purchasing of the land that your log home will sit on. You will first have to consider the location where you want to live or vacation, and then start looking for pieces of property that will accommodate your needs. You will want to consider if you are close to power lines, a water source and most importantly where your future log home will sit.

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