The Tiny Orange House has Surprisingly Great Interior

The Tiny Orange House has Surprisingly Great Interior

Its the tiny house explosion! Everywhere we look, tiny houses, growing out of the woodwork in all shapes and sizes and colours. Like this one - The Tiny Orange House! It is so cute and fuzzy, we want to move in like yesterday! First of all, the colour is perfect! With its warm orangey glow, it has a welcoming, cheerful aura all around it, inviting us to come closer, come inside, climb up the ladder and crawl in the Queen-sized loft bed just like Goldilocks did when she visited the three bears. Secondly, it appears to have just about everything a well-stocked kitchen, a shower, an entertainment nook, lots of windows to let in the light, and a front porch to boot! And can you believe it? Its only 150 square feet!

The Tiny Orange House would make the perfect guest house, office, art studio, or study nook, but truly it would make the ideal tiny house too. We could easily live in this baby all year long. For us, small is not only big, its better! And why, exactly, are so many people jumping on the tiny house bandwagon? Well, time and money seem to be two of the main reasons; living with less of an impact on the environment is another important one! The allure of the tiny house is that it lets people live within their means, without having to take out a crippling mortgage and go into debt for the next 30 years of ones life. Many can pay for their new house either outright or within a manageable time frame. Maintenance costs for tiny houses also tend to be quite minimal because youre not dealing with a lot of materials. And, they are super easy to clean because youre not dealing with a lot of space.

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