The Tales of an Odd Person Who Dreams Of Living An Unusual Life...

The Tales of an Odd Person Who Dreams Of Living An Unusual Life...

The tales of an odd person who dreams of living an unusual life come to light in this article. Call it free spirited or eccentric but the fact of the matter is she seems happy doing what she's doing so why judge?

Maitri is self described as odd, peculiar and without any need to fit into the socially accepted standards of "normal" or "typical" behavior. So just how odd is odd you're wondering? Well, you may find Maitri sporting her favorite flamingo hat to go check the mail. As I did you are probably picturing a baseball cap with a flamingo pattern, perhaps even some glitter to kick it up a notch. No the flamingo hat she speaks of is more like a full size flamingo in the form of a hat, legs draping down either side of her neck, bright pink of course! The head of the flamingo actually stands about three feet tall from the top of her head and the legs, yes they do dangle around her breasts.

You might be wondering if such a spectacular hat is one of a kind, you'll be happy to know it is not and you too can have your very own flamingo hat. They are available on ebay for about $5 each, Maitri herself has purchased a few as gifts for her quirky friends.

Of course, the look wouldn't be complete without her fanciest of fancy flamingo necklaces. Draped just right it seems to look a lot like a string of lights but really who's keeping track of the origin. The fact is it's a remarkable look in Maitri's books and one that keeps her secure in her status as that kooky neighbour you just don't mess with unless you too are equally as bonkers.

So where does one live when you're sporting this level of quirky? Well ideally you'd live in a shoe or a hat of course!

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